The Kindergarten Program (Pre-School)

The Waldorf Kindergarten assists children with special needs from two to six years of age. The small group size and beautiful setting provide a rich social and emotional environment for learning, alongside a wide range of available therapies.

The Step Together Association kindergarten section is a homely, secure, and warm place. It acts as a bridge between a child’s life at home and in school. With a focus on practical life skills, preschool children learn primarily through imitation and imagination. The kindergarten’s goal is to develop a sense of wonder in any young child as well as reverence for all living things. This creates an eagerness for the academics that follow in the future grades. The main activities at the preschool and kindergarten include but are not limited to:

Storytelling: To enhance concentration and comprehension skills through the use of puppets
Counting games: To develop an awareness of numbers and sequencing
Games and finger play: To improve creativity and free play
Singing and eurhythmy: To develop gross motor skills
Handcrafts, painting, drawing and beeswax modeling: To develop fine motor skills
Baking and cooking: To cultivate motor skills and life skills
Outdoor play and walks: To foster an appreciation of nature
Circle time with an emphasis on festival and seasonal celebration: To develop a sense of the world around them
Free sensory tactile play with natural material: To ripen the senses and appreciation of nature

The pre-school section offers experiences that are essential for the healthy development of a young child through providing:
• Love and warmth
• An environment that nourishes the senses
• Creative and artistic experiences
• Modeling
• Free, imaginative play
• Protection of the forces of childhood
• Gratitude, reverence, and wonder
• Joy, humor and happiness

Additionally, a daily diary for each kindergarten student is provided, showing the individualized objectives that are being covered visually, thus allowing teachers, parents and therapists to closely follow the progress and development of each child as a team.