Procedure of acceptance

Welcome to Step Together Association. Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to providing a holistic therapeutic education, prepared to fit the requirements of each special needs person registered in our programs. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner's educational principles, we believe in the acceptance of the spiritual uniqueness of each human being, as we ensure all students develop with dignity, love and respect regardless of their disabilities and religious or ethnic backgrounds.

The following steps are essential prerequisites to any registration
- An interview with the school principal
- An informal evaluation assessed by therapists from our multi-disciplinary team
- An interview with the school’s social worker
- An achievement assessment done by the educational coordinator

Once all the above steps have been taken, the multi-disciplinary team will then prepare an assessment report outlining the needs and eligibility of the applicant’s enrollment at the association. The team and the school principal will then make a final decision.

Once acceptance is granted, parents need to present the following documents to the registrar’s office:
- The application form, previously filled by the school principal and therapists
- All previous medical, educational, and psychological reports available
- A clear copy of the student’s identity card
- A clear copy of his/her Ministry of Social Affairs’ membership card (if available)
- Two recent passport photographs

Parents will also need to sign the policies and regulations form and settle the registration fees to complete the student’s file.