The Pre-vocational Program

Adolescents with developmental disabilities encounter the same challenges that typical teenagers face when it comes to issues concerning privacy, personal space, sexuality, relationships and, sometimes, abuse. At Step Together Association, we support our students in these areas of concern so they may feel comfortable with themselves and the world around them.
Accordingly, our pre-vocational program has a designed, all-inclusive plan regarding these issues, not only for students, but also for their parents and the school’s staff. The Step Together Association seeks to create a community of students, teachers, administrative staff and parents.

Students between 14-19 years of age are grouped according to their chronological ages and cognitive and intellectual abilities, enabling age-appropriate educational experiences and, more importantly, age-appropriate social interaction.

Those in grades nine through 12 (14 to18 years old), participate daily in a unique functional academic and practical program designed to develop skills and attitudes that enhance their social development and allow them to participate in meaningful learning. Working individually or in small groups, students rotate through various pre-vocational workshops, including home living life skills, basketry, mosaic, natural products and gardening.

Their main lesson courses provide opportunities for learning about the world around them and practical learning they experience in their everyday lives. For example, time and money management courses help them develop independence and autonomy. Sexual education helps them understand the cultural norms of privacy and intimacy and helps them encounter the same challenges typical teenagers face regarding issues about personal space, relationships and responsibility.

Friends and social relationships are important to this age group; therefore special emphasis is placed on trips to museums, parties or movies, as well as birthday celebrations, which enrich their social lives.

This pre-vocational program guides students, through community work and living, from school into real life.
life. Our vision is to provide a safe place and an encouraging environment for students to explore their transition to adulthood.