Residential community

A warm, homely atmosphere is at the heart of life in the residential program, where everyone becomes part of the Step Together family.

A close relationship among house parents, volunteers, interns and each student’s parents is extremely important. Everyone is expected to communicate and collaborate for the physical and emotional wellbeing and growth of the pupils.

The Aim of the Residence Community
The Step Together community offers a consistent and warm atmosphere that allows the development of independent living skills in children and adults with special needs. The community provides a healthy atmosphere where students live within a group as a family, follow a rhythmic well-planned schedule, eat healthy food and learn basic communication. All of these details help build up their personality. They are also introduced to basic time and money management competence and engage in leisure activities. All these activities allow them to grow holistically in mind, soul and spirit.

Our long-term general objectives include:
• Living respectfully with others
• Developing personal relationships
• Looking after clothes and belongings
• Planning and cooking healthy meals
• Shopping and budgeting
• Making healthy choices
• Keeping the house clean and tidy
• Socializing and managing leisure time
• Managing money

Role of the Team in the Community:
Team members consider the following issues at all times while working with the young adults:
• Occupational health and safety issues
• Safe working practices and environment
• Care at all times in the practical activities