The vocational program is designed for students (20 to 25 years old) who have completed the pre-vocational program or a similar curriculum. The vocational program is a three-year plan targeting vocational and functional academic objectives. Every lesson starts with a meaningful story that introduces the students to the history of the workshop, identifies the biography of one famous crafts person and explores the different jobs related to the guided workshop. For functional academics skills, students learn money and time management through practical activities related to daily ones. Extracurricular skills are also introduced and include, painting, form drawing, drama, music and eurhythmy.

Every student enrolled in the vocational program rotates through four workshops every year. By the end of the third year, students would have enrolled in a number of workshops, acquired various skills related to each of the workshops and gained proficiency in job readiness. Upon graduation they can either find jobs in the community or become full-time assistants in the different workshops.
Students who have limited abilities can join the adult group where they are closely supervised.

The Vocational Program offers:
• Vocational experiences
• Opportunities to learn life skills in a life sharing community setting
• Functional academic support and therapies

The vocational program guides students, through community work and living, from school into adult life. Our vision is to provide a safe place and an encouraging environment for students to explore their transition to adulthood.
The following workshops are currently available at Step Together Association’s vocational program: Gardening, weaving, book binding and paper making, felt making, sewing, candle making, bakery, making beads and jewelry design.

The Gardening Workshop:
The program follows biodynamic agriculture, a method of organic farming based on anthroposophical principles developed by Rudolf Steiner. It is a holistic system that works to bring about healing and balance to the soil, with the goal of producing healthier plants and animals. No artificial or chemical pesticides or herbicides are used.

Weaving Workshop:
Students weave with the yarn in a rhythmical movement from up to down through colorful strings. Working in weaving develops the senses, particularly touch and sight.

Making Beads & Jewelry Design:

Step Together is the only institution in the Middle East that teaches students how to make beads using recycled bottles. Students create several items using colored handmade beads, including, necklaces, earrings, and key holders. In the jewelry workshop every piece is unique because no two beads are alike.

Book Binding & Paper Making Workshop:

Our students use recycled paper to make notebooks, typical to the Steiner curriculum. These notebooks are later sold to help support the workshop and raise environmental awareness about the importance of recycling.
The students also prepare copybooks for the whole school to use during the main lessons.