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Step Together Association, previously known as FiSTA-Beirut is a non-profit organization for children and adults with special needs. Started in 1974 as a kindergarten, it developed into a diagnostic center to become a decreed NGO in 1993. Step Together is today an internationally recognized center for Therapeutic Education and is part of the International Council of Curative Education.

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When the children came in the morning, on the first day after holiday it was beautiful to see how happy they all arrived, home, it felt like they came home. – Watch Interview

Maren Scott

Coming to this particular institution, I recognize the warmth and the accepting of each other is one of the outstanding things about such a place, and the openness, the whole education process is open to change. Watch interview.

Alan Scott

The strength of this place is only arriving from constant building on it. I have all trust that the child will be helped to grow in good way here. Watch interview.

Konstanze Schuberth

There are a lot of the teachers coming here, as well as the parents, as well as the directory of the school they are really touched by the value that comes from the students, so the students are not only case where we have to give support to, but they also support us, and the teachers so in a certain way the students are the teachers for those who teach them and this is a very special quality of this school. Watch interview.

Bernhard Kerzenich

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How do we do this

Having the courage to push through the challenges and encouraging social change in communities
Thinking creatively, responsibly and reflectively
Accepting the differences in religions, learning needs and ways of thinking
Caring for the physical, emotional and mental health of ourselves and others
Caring for our community and the ecological environment
Taking action to contribute to the wellbeing of others
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